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How can we take in consideration in our typical study abroad programs the students with disabilities, those who are older, of minority background, employed, at least part-time, or those who have limited funds? Could we at least start recognizing that they exist and they are students that should be given the chance to have an inclusive study abroad program at their university? Can we start talking inside our International Offices about what is the different approach that it’s needed to help these students be open to this possibility?⠀

I don’t know all the answers, but I know for sure we need to start talking about this. ⠀

In the daily work day at Universities we are used to get so busy. We get so caught up with paper work, administrative issues, processes. And I think we should be focusing some time of the week, at least an hour, to be thinking more, brainstorming with our teams, even inviting multi-department faculty, so we get every university officers involved and participating in the solution. If we don’t make thinking and brainstorming at Universities a habit, I don’t know where. ⠀

We must address in these meetings not what makes us busy, but issues that are more relevant to whom we must be serving here. ⠀

“The main thing is to keep the main thing, the main thing” Love this quote from Brendon Burchard. ⠀

And the main thing in an International Office of a University is: How can we make easier, more accesible to all our students to have an international academic experience? ⠀

Do you agree with me? If so, please leave a comment that I’ll love to hear from you. ⠀

Love & light,

Karla González

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