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A very important aspect in studying abroad is to have a cross cultural experience.

This means that you get the opportunity to know different cultures by meeting other foreign students and by getting to know the culture of the country you are visiting.

The way you open to this is with your attitude, you stay open to talk with people that think different than you and that come from very different backgrounds. You must be open to not judge, and to understand that people in the world are so fascinating and so interesting. How they behave, what they eat, how they understand life.

And of course, the honor that you can feel when you represent with pride and respect your own country and traditions, and you are so motivated to show your new friends how cool your country is and how you see the world from your perspective.

I wanted to point your attention to the fact that if you decide to go study abroad with your group of friends from your home university, and you just hang out with your home friends, live together, eat together, study together, travel together, you are going to loss a HUGE opportunity to get to know an aspect of the world in the present moment in history, in a certain part of the world, that will never repeat itself again. 

So think about this before you get all your best friends excited to choose the same destiny for your study abroad program. 
Going by yourself it can be scary, i know, it’s a growing experience, but it will force you to make new friends fast and to enjoy to be open to learn about other cultures, and isn’t this a reason you are choosing to study abroad in the first place? 

This picture was taken during my exchange program in the South of France when some friends from my dorm hall, from 5 different countries and I were cooking dinner. Can you notice how much fun and how easy is to pick up a conversation when you are in the same kitchen smelling all the spices from every country and just waiting for your food to be cooked? 

I encourage you to be open to the unknown. It can be as fun and easy as you set up your mind to be.

Love & light,

Karla González

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