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When you go to study abroad you get to meet many new people. Make new friends. You spend time and get to know some wonderful human beings that share their being with you. And you share your being with them. 

But when the time ends and you school year is over. Your flight is soon. Your coming back home. You are forced to learn to say good bye. 

You can experience a sad and nostalgic time. But I assure you that the people that are meant to be in your life will remain no matter the distance or the time. Your bond, the love and laughs you shared are there ever present in your memories in both of you.

They have a part of you and you have a part of them. After a deep connection with a friend or a partner you are never the same as before.  

Let your heart be with open doors all the time. 

Let people who want to go, leave. 

Let people who want to stay, stay. 

Life and friendship is a dance. Flows just as any other part of nature or the universe. That’s the way it is. 

If you think or miss an old friend. Get in touch. Call or messenger them. If you don’t, it’s ok too. 

If there is people that is heavy for your to be around take your distance. It’s ok too. 

Just remind yourself that everyone we see is a mirror. Either we like them for what we see in them is also in us. Or we dislike them for something that is inside us that we haven’t recognized as ours yet. 

Either way they appeared into our lives to show us what we have to see and recognize inside of us. 

At the end, we are one. We are one giant soul fragmented in millions of spirits and put into bodies to live in this planet. To have a human experience. 

The gift of goodbye is to always treasure and be grateful for all the experiences the other person let me see, have and enjoy of myself. 

Even in the opposite case, if you think the other person hurt you or mistreated you. Those hard moments in life are the most valuable if we take a moment (or many while in therapy)  to learn the lessons this person let me learn about how I should treat myself. How I should set limits to respect myself. And ultimately how should I love myself. 

Every time we learn a difficult lesson we rise our standards on how we are going to honor ourselves. Our life. Our time. Our attention. 

It’s so powerful to recognize that everyone we have a relationship with is a teacher. The lesson is to “know thy self”, Master myself.

All I’m doing is learning what I love and enjoy more of me with the company of someone. Or what I hate, dislike or disgust of the unhealed parts of myself. 

This is so deep and wonderful and at the same time sometimes it’s hard to understand. 

Saying good bye is to thank that person for their passage in your life. For the gifts he or she brought into your life. And wish them the best. 

You never have to force anyone into your life. Don’t let your ego and attachment play games with your mind.  There is not use. Accept in peace what it is. And that is what was meant to be. Who is meant to be will be. Who isn’t will not. And you will be fine. We are always fine. The present is perfect. It’s exactly as it was meant to be. You have everything you need right now. Just keep flowing dear friends…… it’s our nature. We can do this. 

Love and light, 

Karla González 

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