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For creating new doors

For oneness

For a life that feels amazing

For miracles.


Thank you so much for supporting this project we made it to our second year anniversary!


It’s been a year of finding and loosing myself many times. Times I felt I knew every answer and other times I felt I knew nothing at all. It’s been a transformation year. Karla that started 2018 is no longer here. I’ve learned, accepted, changed, grew so much this past year that I’m barely getting back on my feet now.


As my personal life changed, I notice how my project is changing with me too. Some subjects that interested me before 2018 now they don’t. And all this personal evolution it will translate back to the projects and offers I’m going to have for you this 2019 year.


As some of you may know, I’m used to be known as a checklist girl, control freak, uber responsible, not taking any risk at all, always planning and leading the way on work projects, basically all work and not play, I thought having fun it was for lazy people who had not clarity nor vision, who had a mediocre mindset. Well…I kind of started questioning all these beliefs. And guess what? I’m letting life flow a little more without my control. Because I learned that even if I thought I was in control, the truth is that I wasn’t. We might think we are controlling all of the arenas in our life. But the truth is that we never are.


So this year I welcome all the unknown, the uncertainty, the new, the bold, the risky, the fun, the joy of serving, the happiness of giving, the braveness of sharing, the mystery of the magic ahead, the delight of creating and the realness in being more authentic, as I move forward in my road of personal and professional growth.


Thank you so much for being here with me, it means a lot and I cherish the dear people who have supported my work, my vision, my realness, and my heart. I’m just here trying to be a channel for that force that is greater than anything else in the world. I’m learning. Thank you for sticking with me. I’m sure amazing things are coming our way! Happy 2019!

Love and Light,


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