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Can you imagine a world without struggle?

A world where just everything clicked, everything flows, everything works out easily?


Where you trust.

Where everything is quiet, at peace, with a loving smile.


I think that world is inside of me.


I believe we all can reach out to that.


I believe we create the world we see. Every inch of it. Every inch of what we see we have created.


It’s like we humans have been programed. There was a program inserted into our minds since little kids. Thoughts and believes on how the world is and how it’s supposed to be.


We’re just so used to react based in that program.


But the program is broken, it’s wrong. It doesn’t serve our highest good.


It comes from the idea that we are separated from the source.


It comes from the idea that we are not love.


It comes from the idea that we are not good.


It comes from the idea that we are alone.


It’s all not true at all.


We are one, beautiful, true.


We are love. How can love be bad? Never.


How can love be broken? Never.


How can love be ugly? Never.


How can we feel we have no talents? It’s so ridiculous to think that Love was not talent.


But we forget WE ARE LOVE.


Love is in and around us.


Love makes us breath and be alive.


Love is what makes us have hope to believe there could be another way.


Another way to look at things.


Another way to see reality.


Another way to see us.


Another way to see ourselves.


Another way to transcend.


Another way to serve the world.


Another way to feel joy and alive.


First we have to feel our feelings…… continuously check our thoughts….continuously strive for peace of mind.


What if we embrace life with infinite gratefulness?


What if we embrace life thanking for all the lessons good and bad?


What if we love ourselves for intensely and powerfully that we set the example for everyone on how to treat us?


What if we keep our standards high in self-love?


What if we show the way for those who need us?


Let go all your expectations. Let go all your stories of your life and how you think you been hurt. Let go in wanting to be right.


There is not point at all for this 3 things.


They don’t serve us.


What serve us the most now it’s to be conscious of the calm and peace of present moment.


The sun light coming through the window.


The wind in your skin.


The smell of coffee and fresh flowers.


The hugs and kisses of your dear ones.


The smiles. The laughs. The looks in the eyes. The touch. The presence. The connections with other human beings.


The being. Just being. Just being here and still. Feeling that light inside you sparkling. Joyful. Peaceful. Just there.


And just like that, you return to your consciousness that you ARE a part of nature. You always been. Your job is to be. Beautiful. Unique. Your true self.


And then you are flowing, like the water in the river, like the wave in the ocean, like the cloud in the sky.


And through that, we can recognize, there is not real struggle. The struggle is not real. The struggle was invented by us. Every struggle we encounter has been created by our own mind. There is not real struggle.


What if I choose to flow all the time? What if I choose to imagine all has been take care of? What if I choose to see that I’m supported by the Universe….just as the water, the wave, the cloud is supported by the universe? What if I choose to believe I have all that I ever needed? What if I choose to see the power in me?



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