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In the Interview I recently had with Felicia Boghiu, I asked her  “What happened to you when this internship (abroad)was over?” She answered “I got depressed. Going back home seemed like everything stopped, and I missed all my activities from SF, I still miss my friends. It was like a post-internship depression that I overcame when I started to get involved in the development of our family business.”

This is a important topic I would like to address more in the future. The post- study abroad blues, depression or sadness, as you want to name it. The fact is that we go through a LOT of new experiences during our time abroad.

We get to know a lot of new people, do a lot of different things that we didn’t quite do at home, travel and visit many different places, we dare to be more open and learn new habits, we eat different food, we go out and dance to different music, it means such a big transformation of ourselves that we are not longer the same girl or boy when we get back home.

And as much as we all love to death our family and friends and we missed them a lot. Inside of us is a new version of ourselves. And the moment we really start noticing it is when we get out of the plane back home. At first you feel so excited, so happy to see your loved ones, your city, your streets, your house, your room, oh you missed your things and your bed! Yes, sure. All that excitement to eat tacos and torta ahogada again in our case (I’m mexican).

But after a few days, you start feeling a change in your energy, like the energy you had in the foreign country is getting lower.

Like you really want to create kind of the atmosphere you had around you, and do activities as you did back in the foreign country. You changed so much of your vision of yourself, and the world, you now find so many possibilities and opportunities in the world, that you become amazed everyone here is just doing the same old thing. Their activities, their conversations, their believes about you and about the world are the same. They are expecting the same little girl or boy. The thing is….. that little girl or boy are gone.

Be aware of this, you will take some time to readjust, to find a middle ground where you accept your new YOU in your old environment. You’ll be OK. I promise, you will be more than just OK. You will be so proud you made it and so ready for the new challenges that you’ll face upward! Shine on Beloveds!

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