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This is my first english written blog post ever! I hope you enjoy it as much as I did writing it!


If you have come this far, why give up here?……

Don´t give up

Keep fighting

Keep working towards your goal


You know what…… if it’s your goal…. it’s because something inside you knows you would feel awesome if you dare to get it, to achieve it… it’s your soul’s desire…..just keep on listening!!.


Whatever your next goal is…. why give up now?…

-to study abroad,

-to get a scholarship,

-to learn a new language,

-to travel the world,

-to be more productive in your business or job,

-to be more of service to others,

-to help those in need,

-to be healthier,

-to be a more loving human being,

-to prepare yourself, study, educate yourself for a better YOU.


I’m going to tell you a story. When I got admitted to do my exchange semester in France at my Mexican university, I was over the moon excited!!! I loved France and specially the French language! I had dedicated most of my week afternoons as a university student and used my extra pocket-money to attend an intensive French language course, for a year. That would help me perfect French, my third language, aside English and my native Spanish. I had made it to the selection process and got admitted to do my exchange program at a French university and I had convinced my very protective and conservative parents to let me go and to support my travel expenses while abroad. (Boy! Was that difficult!).


So I was over the moon trilled! It was the best thing ever happened to me!!! I was ready and finally going to travel to Europe, the old continent, where so much of human history had happened, where great thinkers wrote so many books and great people had accomplished evolution and development for our human society.


I wanted to see first-hand all the magnificent buildings and natural sites in the majestic EUROPE that I only knew from reading books!!!!!


Do you know how many people from my family did visit Europe before me?….I don’t quite sure….But I think not more than 5 at that time!! And I was totally aware of how lucky I was….Even about the fact that I was one of the very few members of my family that was able to receive private higher education in a family of more that 200 relatives from my dad’s side and 100 relatives from my mom’s side.


So this was a HUGE opportunity for me! I felt so GRATEFUL and so HONOR to be like an ambassador for my people, my family and my country.


When the day came, I got in the plane and I flew to France.


There was I, excited and nervous about starting my first week of my exchange program at a “superbe” university. The Institut d’Études Politiques. WOW! I made it! I felt.


Until I attended my first courses that first week. Hahaha. OMG! The teachers were giving their courses, I was so amazed, some of them were distinguished researchers, some of them had worked in top positions as Geopolitical Strategists for the French Presidency, all of them remarkable professors.


And there was I, struggling BIG time to even UNDERSTAND their French and crazy trying to keep up with the speed of their French speech, taking notes that didn’t make sense at all.


At the end of the week I thought: Oh Men! What did I do? Why did I feel so proficient in my French Language that I dared to ask to take all my courses in French Language? How did I get myself into this trouble? How am I supposed to learn something if I can’t keep up with the whole sentence of my teacher just said?  They asked at the end of the course, “Any questions?” and I felt so absurd to even be thinking: “OMG! Could you please repeat everything BUT slower” Hahaha.


I was feeling so inadequate, unfit, unprepared. I was doubting if maybe I was not good enough student for THAT University, maybe I was not skilled enough, maybe I was not smart at all.


I was questioning myself on how the hell was I going to make it to the end of the semester, and better yet, how was I going to succeed and pass the course? Because, If I fail the course in France, I mean what a disgrace, right? But the consequences were a lot bigger for me, since I had a scholarship at my Mexican University, and we were required to keep a high average and you could not fail ANY course EVER, otherwise, the University would cancel your scholarship.


And I could not even conceive to fail a course and have my scholarship cancelled, because I knew my parents would not be able to pay me full tuition, and that would mean, I would have to drop out, and all I wanted in life at that moment, was to graduate and obtain my Bachelor’s Degree.


Uff!! so much was going on. And at that point, I was like “Ok, this is it!, this is what I wanted and pursued for so long, to study abroad, in FRANCE!!!!! This opportunity is HUGE.  I have to change the pity party I held for myself and plan what am I going to do. I realized I will not give up without doing my best, I had to think of a strategy on how to study, how was the best way to take notes, read the books, translated and wrote every Spanish word next to the French word I didn’t know. I mean, it was the least I could do.


Finally, the weeks passed, and every week I understood the teacher better, I was advancing on my books readings, I began to understand the concept and the content of the subjects, I was able to study alone and in group, I was taking better notes, now they made sense, they were not just scribbles. It got to the point that one of my new French girl friends asked ME for MY notes on the week she was sick and could not make it to class. Wow!


Finally, the end of the semester approached, and as all French Bachelor courses, students are graded at the end of the semester. In this University there was just 2 tests at the end of the semester, for each course, so the grade is completed with: 50% the oral test (maybe one or two questions), and 50% the written test with just 3 questions.


You can’t be surprised to hear that it’s nerve wracking and stressful. But, along with the semester, I did study and I did put all my effort to learn. So it was set. I learned what I learned, and that’s what I was showing up with. So I presented my tests, and I passed!


I was so happy! So proud!!! So amazed with myself!


What I want to share with you with this story is THE KEY TO GET TO THE FINISH LINE and what made me pass my semester abroad.


Actually, It’s the KEY that has helped me graduate from my Bachelor Degree with great grades, succeed at my jobs, conquer professional projects, and now helping me with my healthy new habits and growing my own business.


What I figured is that IF I MADE IT to HERE, maybe is because a REASON.


I figured that If I was there, facing my obstacle, if I made it THAT FAR, that obstacle was there for me for a reason.


It was there FOR ME…. to teach ME something, to be CONQUERED!


It was there to be conquered BY ME, IN ME!


I figure I was not ready to give up all my past efforts.


They mean a LOT to me.


I’m not going to let fear stop me now.


If I fail at least I tried my best and I showed up.


I’ve showed up at class, studying, preparing for final exams, learning new words in this new language. I noticed that in my job too, I showed up, researching, asking people, looking for solutions, teaming up with colleagues, until I got better at it, you can always get better at it.  I worked hard, long hours.


And now that I’m facing my current obstacle: getting my health a lot better and growing my business as a woman- mom- entrepreneur.  Why would it be different? Why would it be different with any thing you’re planning or wishing to accomplish.


So I keep reminding myself to DO MY BEST and SHOW UP even if I fear. And I invite you to do the same.


Repeat with me:


I see how far I’ve come. I understand that I’m facing this obstacle for a reason. And that reason is to CONQUER IT. So I’m ON IT. And even if I fear, I’m doing my best with love and I’m going to show up. Every day, Every time. I’m here to be a channel of The Universe. I AM HERE and I AM READY.


Take a moment to breathe deeply.


Did you repeat after me? Did you feel some energy shift inside you? Awesome!!!


The next step is to get clear on your next steps, so I prepared for you a “Clear Goal-Steps Sheet”. You can download it here and write on it, and keep it near your sight every day to help you have more clarity in what are the next moves you have to do.


When you do that, please get your agenda or daily planner and write there your next steps for accomplishing what you want for your goal for this month. Give it a time and space on your agenda and IN YOUR LIFE.


As Marie Forleo says “If it’s not schedule, it’s not real”.


Make a time in your week fully dedicated to build the goal you have. Make it a date FOR YOU with YOU and honor that time to do it.


So tell me, what are you struggling right now? Are you ready to apply to an overseas University? Or are you getting started and what to know how to apply for admission at a foreign university? Do you have doubts on how to apply for an education scholarship? Are you planning your exchange semester but you’re not sure how to choose your academic destination? Are you doubtful about the student visa procedures?


Please write me an email at and I would love to set an appointment in person or via Skype with you.


It takes effort, hours of hard work to accomplish anything that is worth doing, and the great thing is that WE DON’T HAVE TO DO IT ALONE.


Now I invite you to dare to share your next goal in mind in the comment section. I would love to hear from you!!! Also share with us if you have struggle to get something or to accomplish something and what was YOUR KEY to overcome it? I’m sure we’ll all love to learn from you.


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Thank you for reading this far! You’re so special! I loved to have you here!


Until next time,


Peace and Blessing,




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